• Programs for age 4 through adult
  • Low Prices
  • Trained Staff
  • Quality Training and Experiences
  • Family-Friendly atmosphere
  • Respectful Use of Time
  • 30+ Years in the North Penn Area

We all bring different gifts to camp, but everyone is valued and accepted.  T&K has a no-tolerance bullying policy, and lifelong friends are often made as students practice their teamwork skills.

The arts have to be fun, right?  We always choose family-friendly content and strive to make every day an exciting experience for everyone.  Follow rules 1 & 2 and 3 will always follow!

You get out of a program what you put into it.  Everyone stays focused, whether learning music theory, perfecting choreography, making beautiful art projects or working "behind the scenes."

Have Fun

Respect Others

Work Hard

"Offering affordable and exciting performance, education, and entertainment options

for young people and their families in the Greater North Penn area"


It has been over 35 years since we first whipped-up the magical combination of children and the performing arts.  Certainly, anyone at any age can appreciate a show or theatrical training, but especially a KID.  While many of our students have gone on to become successful actors, musicians, theatre technicians, arts teachers, and writers, our greatest goal is to simply develop self-confidence and self-awareness in every child who comes to us.  We want them to learn to love and to respect the arts and to become lifelong supporters, appreciative and involved in the wonder of creativity.


Performing and fine arts training encourages children . . .https://websitebuilder.godaddy.com/dashboard


. . . to learn to take risks in a positive environment and be willing to try new things.  To stretch themselves and expand what they already know, developing self-confidence all the while.


. . . to develop personal discipline.  Learning lines, working on a scene as a team, finishing a challenging art project, creating an original song -- these teach children to set goals and meet them.


. . . to develop skills in observation, concentration, imagination, and creativity.  They get in touch with the world around them and can then create an exciting world of their own on stage.


. . . to understand that it's possible to work very hard and still have fun the whole time.


All of our accomplished T&K teachers are FIRST concerned with our students as growing children and THEN concerned with their growth as performers and artists.  Teaching is always age-appropriate and personal as well as creative, exciting, and diverse.

Theatre & Kids is a theatre program in Lansdale, PA

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“Theatre & Kids is Life-changing!”


"T&K has given me so much since I entered the program in the fifth grade.  I never would have thought that this program would be such an integral part of my life at 21—but it is.  Theatre & Kids has truly changed my life in so many ways.  The friends and memories I have made here will last me for my entire life.  I will never forget any of it." - Chance Biletz - Now a special         

                                             education teacher!

Our entire program boils down to three basic rules,

which every T&K student can chant loudLY and proudly:

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